Meet Anna


Hi, I am Anna, a wedding & portrait photographer based on the beautiful Northern Rivers,
NSW in a small town called Woodburn, near Ballina, Lismore & Byron Bay._DSC4240tgd1

I have two beautiful children, a fishing crazy husband,
three loving dogs (who I call my other children), 2 guinea pigs & a tank full of tropical fish.

I'm an animal lover, obviously!
I love anything to do with butterflies and my favourite colour is purple.

I'm a hopeless romantic, give me hearts and flowers any day;
I could watch The Notebook a thousand times over & still cry.
Don't be surprised if I shed a tear at your wedding.

I'm not a big reader, I prefer to watch the story unfold rather than imagine it.
I guess that's why I love my job so much;
I get to watch your story,
right in front of my eyes!


Every photo I take tells a story,
whether it be happy, funny, sad or just a memory.

For me, capturing the moments in life through photography is
like creating a journal.10931260_834893826631938_2350608519726483829_n
A journal that can be re-read
a million times,
and still the memories remain.
Looking back on my photos is like re-living those memories again and again.
It's Fantastic!

When I take someone's photos I feel what they are feeling.
That overwhelming joy of a new baby
or knowing that one is on the way.
The first kiss.
A happy couple in love.

My love of photography began when I was a young girl, visiting my extended Family in Germany,
my Opa gave me my first ever camera, a small digital Canon Coolpix!
And that's where it all started! I have been hooked ever since! 

Over the years I have developed my skills & grown as a photographer.
I have loved photography since I was young but love it now more than ever.
I love learning new things and hope to for the rest of my life.
I believe if one is not learning, they are not living.

As your photographer I aim to provide you with timeless & elegant photographs.
And to make your experience in your session as comfortable and fun as possible.

When choosing me as your photographer,
I want you to feel comfortable with me as a person,
to trust my instincts and know I aim to get the best possible result for your situation.